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Being restored to life...he was indifferent towards that,.
Being restored to life, and Rita's back? Now, that is worth it.

The paperwork, however, is a pain in the ass. He's on his Blackberry, Bluetooth in one ear as he paces the mansion.

"Yes, Edgar," he says to his lawyer. "But that is what I pay you for....Yes, Edgar. I was dead. There was a body, a death certificate. And I hope they did honor the request to play some Human League at the service...You mean you actually got the band themselves? Nice to know. Oh, and you helped yourselves to the sturgeon caviar and the Martel congac as well? No, not an issue. It's just too bad that I was the guest of honor and in no shape to enjoy it..." 

"A dead man isn't paying you or speaking to you from his mansion, however. How many calls and how much would to take to exploit those loopholes I know exist? Yes, loopholes. At least half the damn costumed community has had to exploit them, and now it's my turn. No, I tended to keep my life as Mento quiet. It was a side project I did with my wife. No, I don't see any reason to go back into the closet. I wanted it released on my death, and that happened...Yes, this I'm why I'm calling you." 

"All right, Edgar. You're expensive, but worth it." He pauses, and his tone becomes genuinely grateful. "Thank you, Edgar. I'll check back in the morning."

Dayton hangs up the phone and sinks into the sofa. It's still too quiet in the house. Gar obviously hasn't been using the mansion, as most everything still has dust covers and a few month's worth of dust on it.

Too bad the scotch got used at the funeral. He could use a glass about now.


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